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This blog used to be about politics. Not so much anymore as I have worked through my fascination with that subject. It now seems appropriate that with a new president and the end of the Bush nightmare that I move on to new subjects that are more in line with my current interests. I may still occasionally express an opinion about political matters but for the most part I will be commenting on music, photography and personal observations. Thank you for reading.

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Why I love Atrios:

For sake of discussion, let's stipulate that every thing in this excerpt is correct. But, if you have a problem with Michael Moore being the public face of progressive politics, you have a couple of choices. You can spend all your time wringing your hands about it, demanding that all good people can renounce him, thereby alienating him and his supporters. Or, you can realize that there's an extraordinarily lack of leadership in the sphere of progressive politics, especially within the Democratic party itself, and understand that without that vacuum someone like Moore (or Nader) would have a much harder time thriving. So, you can put forward a less tinfoil hat-prone more credible alternative, or you can call on people to condemn Moore. And then call on them to condemn everyone who hasn't condemned Moore. And then call on them to condemn everyone who haven't condemned the people who haven't condemned the people who haven't condemned Moore. And, then, hey, it's 2006 and oh shit we lost again and Karl Rove is still laughing.

If we truly believe the reason we can't win elections is because of an overabundance of lefty asshatery because the Democratic party gets held accountable for everything anyone to the left of Tom DeLay says, from Michael Moore on down to the perennial favorite "some guy with a sign somewhere," then we really have a problem - the problem is that we've failed to play the same game against the Republicans. The Right is filled with asshatery of such epic proportions. It's our failure to exploit that which is the problem.


People like to talk about Michael Moore. Some people like to make fun of Michael Moore. But when it comes to sheer numbers of asshattery, the right wing has a thousand Michael Moores running around being a thousand times more infammatory. But what the right wing does is they never sit around going "Man, we need to distance ourselves from the loonies!" They embrace the loonies as an integral part of their political strategy.

Nobody on the right ever apologizes for Rush Limbaugh even though Rush is wrong EVERY SINGLE DAY. Rush is such a partisan shill that he makes other shills feel inadequate for even opening their mouths. But you never hear people saying that George Bush should publicly denounce Rush. You never hear people say that the republican's should feel ashamed to have such a gasbag pushing their agenda. Hell, he was even an advisor for the Bush re-election campaign. (The wingnuts attacked Moore for simply showing up at the DNC!!!)

There are religious nuts like Falwell and Robertson pushing a some LSD inspired wet dream about the end of the world and sending a large majority of the world's population into the fiery pits of hell and nary a peep do we hear about how the conservatives should feel ashamed that such nutjobs are speaking for their side.

You got quasi-racists and white supremacists like Buchanan and Francis on the right talking about "values" being under threat from inter-racial sex and dirty immigrants polluting our culture and you still see these guys on TV pushing the GOP agenda. Do the conservatives feel any need to apologize for the hatred spewed by these guys? Nope.

You have a nearly convicted criminal like Delay running the congress and a guy like Novak, who has outed a CIA operative, out there speaking for the Republicans. Do they feel like they should kick these guys out of the party and shun them publicly? Nope.

Then you have a guy like Grover Norquist who is on record as equating the progressive income tax system with the Holocaust and expressing a desire to deliberately bankrupt the federal government. Is he still bending the ear of the people in the White House? Yup. The GOPpers feel no remorse about keeping this guy on the team.

Every two bit AM station has some Scaife funded blowhard pushing some mix of racial resentment, government hatred, stories about the Clintons, mockery of the democratic party, lies, lies and more lies and never do the Republicans feel any need to apologize for any of their operatives.

They embrace the Michael Moore's of the right and never, ever apologize no matter how far out there their operatives get.

The left has a couple of talking heads like Franken and Moore, loads of really smart and honest people, and a few certifiable geniuses. I feel pretty proud to be on this side of things. Sure I think Moore can be a little outlandish but when you sit back and look at the content of what he says, it may be a little bit shrill but its mostly factual. You can't say the same about the hacks on the right.

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