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This blog used to be about politics. Not so much anymore as I have worked through my fascination with that subject. It now seems appropriate that with a new president and the end of the Bush nightmare that I move on to new subjects that are more in line with my current interests. I may still occasionally express an opinion about political matters but for the most part I will be commenting on music, photography and personal observations. Thank you for reading.

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I Didn't say David Kay Says!

Text of Reuters Interview with David Kay (washingtonpost.com):

"'I think there were stockpiles at the end of the first Gulf War and those were a combination of U.N. inspectors and unilateral Iraqi action got rid of them. I think the best evidence is that they did not resume large-scale production, and that's what we're really talking about, is large stockpiles, not the small. Large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons in the period after '95.' "

Suprised? Raise your hand, a helper will by by shortly with a home study course and a Baloney Detection Kit for you to take home. Please just take one.

Part of the problem is following the case. Saddam had weapons, used them in the Iran Iraq war and could use them again. We ignore the Gulf War, and the ensuing sanctions that would have made it especially difficult to rebuild an WMD program.

Cheney now says that they were simply extending the Clinton policy on Iraq.

You believe that? We'll make an exception for you, you can take two copies of the BDK home. The difference being that Clinton didn't cook inteligence and pitch lies in order to justify a military invasion and takeover.

Let me ask you another question. Would you be ok with another country establishing a permanent military base in your state? For bonus points, would you be ok if that country were a Muslim country and asked that you suspend certain laws for their convenience.

I know your answer. Its no.

So why do we expect other countries to accept such arrangements. This has been nagging at me for a while. The answer must be that we're nice people right?

Will we build permanent military bases in Iraq?

I know the answer. Its yes.


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